SwellRetreats inspires all to seek a life of bliss through a focus on health, happiness, and discovery of the authentic self.  Our retreat programs provide the perfect setting for participants to discover their meaning of bliss and discover coaching as a vehicle for paving a personal pathway of empowerment and realizing individual potential and greatness.




As an Individual ~

  • Delaying dreams you’ve always wanted to make reality?
  • Working across complex cultures and geographies?
  • Assimilating into a new country, culture, and need to create your new path?
  • Experiencing a major life change personally or professionally?
  • Desiring to develop yourself for a new step up or career move?
  • Clamoring to discover your purpose?
  • Feeling burned out and needing to rebalance and focus?

As a Company ~

  • Looking to align and inspire your team?
  • Leading your team through change and transformation?
  • Needing to recognize, celebrate success, and plan for the next milestones?
  • Focusing on developing and accelerating team performance?
  • Creating a team culture welcoming diversity and inclusion?
  • Kicking off a new year or new team with vision, strategy and goals?
  • Desiring to establish trust, communications, and collaboration?

We cater to group, one-on-one leadership and personal empowerment coaching




Our SwellRetreat coach is a NeuroLeadership Institute Results Trained Coach, and brings the Results Coaching System™ Brain Based Coaching methodology, tools, and affords a window into creating a balanced and healthy mind, leading to more resilience and well-being in your life in general.  Participants will be guided through exploring personal vision, values and purpose, and jump starting goals and actions through one-on-one coaching sessions.  This holistic experience allows participants to integrate their surfing, yoga, and mindfulness experiences, insights and learnings throughout the retreat, and apply them back at home, in both personal and professional aspects of their lives.




To experience your own self-discovery and the impact coaching can have for you, sign up for one of our scheduled retreats that invites you to experience the process and power of personal coaching through our SwellRetreats Coaching Experience, or contact us to initiate your own one-on-one personal coaching program, or design a custom / corporate retreat that’s tailored to your groups’ needs.




One on One & Group Coaching ~

Discover, Plan and Live Your Bliss

  • Pre-Retreat 60 Minute Coaching Session
  • Group Coaching Sessions During Retreat
  • One on One 60 Minute Coaching Session During Retreat
  • Post-Retreat 60 Minute Coaching Session

Custom and Corporate ~

Align, Ignite and Enable Team Performance

  • Complimentary Exploratory Consultation: to determine team needs & expectations
  • Stakeholder Alliance Meeting: to co-define program blueprint and confirm outcomes
  • Team Experiential Program Design and Deliveryinteractive, experiential, solutions focused approach; steeped in NeuroLeadership, intercultural inclusivity and team & organizational development principles to achieve your stated outcomes
  • Program Facilitation:  dynamic, inclusive and high interactive
  • Coaching:  pre and post-retreat coaching calls with each participant, one on one coaching 60-minute live with each participant during retreat
  • Follow On:  team and/or individual coaching and development as required

Inspired Individuals, Emerging Leaders, Executives & Expatriates 

  • Exploratory Complimentary Consultation:  to determine needs & expectations
  • Core Alliance Team Call: contracting, roles, and expectations (Coachee/Coach/Sponsor – Corporate Sponsored)
  • Typical 6-Month Program (12 one-hour coaching sessions)
    • Discovery and goal setting Session
    • Strategy, actions and planning session
    • Insight to action sessions (focused on goals and coachee driven dilemmas/agenda)
    • Closure & celebration
    • Unlimited emails and 15-minute phone call support throughout program
    • Strategic tools, frameworks, articles, and resources to assist in achievement of outcomes
  • Core Alliance Team Call: closure & steps to carry forward (Coachee/Coach/Sponsor – Corporate Sponsored)



Laurel thoughtfully curates a SwellRetreats coaching experience, inviting guests to dip their toes into the realm of self-discovery and forward framing the personal learning journey beyond the retreat.  Through the coaching process, she holds a safe space for, and guide guests to have breakthrough insights to achieve personal visions of greatness.   Laurel inspires individuals and teams around her to dream big, set intentions, cultivate a growth mindset, accelerate performance and achieve their goals. Be the desire personal or professional, she brings expertise in human behavior, NeuroLeadership and Intercultural Communications to improve results and performance by inspiring new levels of thinking.

An adventure seeking, global business leader, living and working in many countries has afforded her a kaleidoscope lens to best serve this diverse world of cultures, values, and beliefs.  Her journey has ignited  her own personal transformation, leading her from the board room to the green room:  finding her bliss, embracing mindfulness, wellness, inspired by the neuroscience of a Blue Mind – incorporating being on, in, and around the water, and how this can make us healthier, happier, more connected, and better at what we do.  For over 28 years, she has designed and lead highly impactful small group and team transformational experiences around the world, to accelerate learning and performance, combining cross-cultural inclusivity and mindfulness.

Laurel’s clients experience results through the renowned NeuroLeadership Institute Results Coaching System™ Brain Based Coaching methodology, in conjunction with road-tested tools and principles leveraged over the years with her corporate and private clients around the world.  Some of her clients have worked for the following companies:  Johnson & Johnson, HP Enterprise, HP Inc., NCR, AT&T, Teradata, ThermoFisher Scientific, Invensys/Schneider Electric, Becton Dickinson.

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