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- Joseph Campbell

About SwellWomen

A short video narrated by Lulu Agan, Co-Owner of SwellWomen, about the vision behind SwellWomen.

Lulu Agan

Lulu Agan

Chief Officer of Bliss & Swellness Coach
Surfing, yoga, cooking and wellness: these 4 passions are what lead Lulu Agan, globe-trotting surfer and yogini, to SwellWomen which launched in 2003. Having spent more than a decade as a Private Chef and more recently getting certified as a Health & Wellness Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Lulu cultivates a great knowledge and enthusiasm for top-quality cuisine that promotes glowing health, from the inside out.  As a supportive mentor and wellness authority, she works with clients to help them feel their best through food and lifestyles changes by tailoring nutrition and wellness programs to meet our clients’ needs. Lulu is at most home amongst the waves and beaches in the tropics, where she continuously nurtures an uncanny ability to track down the most remote, lush surf breaks — no matter where in the world she is! A certified yoga instructor since 2017, Lulu deeply respects how the ancient art of yoga can temper the explosive energy used during surfing, as well as yoga’s potential to bring together people of any country, age or gender.   To Lulu,  the ocean has the power to erase egos, unleash bare human spirit and teach one to color outside of the lines, while yoga brings balance and a deep, supportive connection to oneself — all lessons that can be easily carried from the surfboard or yoga mat back to daily life, allowing that raw passion to color our every moment. From these philosophies, SwellWomen was born! Through the pursuit of her own joy, Lulu is able to bring SwellWomen’s signature bliss to women (and men!) all over the world with our intentionally designed, deeply expansive, culturally immersive retreats. Lulu aims to empower our retreats and inspire our guests by being a living example of an impassioned, well-balanced life; filled to the brim with as much surfing, yoga, meditation and gratitude as humanly possible. Favorite Quote: “The way to your own truth, the way to a phenomenal life that only you can manifest in the greatness that you were created to do, is to just Be Yourself.” ~Oprah Winfrey Stay Connected with Lulu Agan & Follow her on: Facebook @LuluAgan , Instagram @LuluAgan and YouTube @LuluAgan

Jocelyn Lu

Jocelyn Lu

Marketing Communications Manager

Jocelyn is an avid mountain biker, snowboarder, surfer, and yogi - an all around adrenaline adventure junkie with Aloha spirit! She grew up in Vancouver, Canada and spent a few spring breaks in Waikiki, Hawaii where she learned to surf. From there, she was hooked - always excited to ride the waves and feel the Aloha spirit again!

Over the years, Jocelyn had a few setbacks (job layoffs, breakup, health issue, death in family) that lead to depression, but she did yoga, meditation and yoga therapy to overcome it. During that time, Jocelyn still wanted to follow her dreams. She left her energy conservation program marketing job and moved to the Gold Coast, Australia to surf, meet people from around the world, and achieve her Master of Business Administration (MBA). While there, she joined drop-in surfing lessons every weekend at Broadbeach Surf School where she caught her first green wave! After her MBA, she travelled - saw Ayers Rock, dove in the Great Barrier Reef, hiked in Tasmania, and surfed in Bali and Byron Bay. After a year, she returned to Vancouver and to her marketing job, but was still itching to travel and surf. With her vacation time, Jocelyn did more surfing yoga retreats in Hawaii, Mexico, California, Costa Rica and Tofino plus hiked Machu Picchu in Peru, and explored Southeast Asia.

Coupled with her marketing experience of over 15 years and passion for marketing, Jocelyn started her own marketing business for more freedom and flexibility. She loves helping companies grow their business or launch products/campaigns through marketing. Jocelyn has a Bachelor of Human Kinetics, Sports Management from the University of British Columbia, MBA from Bond University in Australia, Honours Certificate in Digital Marketing and Digital Strategy from the Canadian Marketing Association and a 200hr Level Yoga Teacher Certificate.

Jocelyn believes in the power of manifestation and having a positive mindset. She envisioned working with some inspirational women and for an amazing health, wellness and travel community and it came true! While on the SwellBliss Team, she gets to share her Aloha spirit and inspire people to connect to their true self and seek a life full of bliss, health, and happiness. She’s also a SwellWomen Maui and Swellness Where’s the Bliss and Swell360 alumni - email and ask her about these anytime!

Now Jocelyn lives in Whistler, Canada where she enjoys playing in the forest, mountains and lakes, but jets off to surf as much as she can. Jocelyn believes that yoga and surfing transformed her life - she learned to trust the process and gained the mindset that you can do anything.

Favourite Quote: “Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don’t give up. Anything is possible!”

For more on her business, visit www.rainfieldmarketing.com or follow on Instagram: @rainfieldmarketing