SwellWomen Retreats

SwellWomen’s Retreats are an opportunity to disconnect from everyday life to do something exhilarating and wild, using the modalities of surf, yoga, coaching and adventure to spark a reconnection to self.

Trust the flow, Join the movement!


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Brand New Retreat ~ Zen in Zambia

Tie together the untamed allure of the wild with the blissful embrace of yoga.

Let the African wilderness become your inner sanctuary

Retreats are at the essence of SwellWomen.

We started here, and we always end up here. This is where we nurture our deepest truths. Outside of our daily 9-5, we can rediscover what lies dormant within.

If you want more vibrancy in your life,

more global sisterhood.

more facing your fears.

more learning how to balance the wild yearning of our hearts with a need for structure, routine and ritual.

Then it sounds like you’ll fit right into the SwellWomen tribe.

RETREATS are the ultimate way to experience SwellWomen in mind, body & soul.

…and the best gift to yourself?

The fact that it requires no planning and no research. All you have to do is listen to your gut, make the call, and trust the process. You’ll be forever changed, with the indelible mark upon you that self-discovery and self-care provides. You focus on expanding your horizons, and we’ll make sure every minutiae is taken care of for you.

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Retreat with SwellWomen

Rock Your Bliss in 7 Amazing Destinations

Where do you want to go?

It’s simple to pick your bliss…

Learn to Wing Foil!

Learn the latest & greatest wind sport on the beautiful island of Maui.  CLICK HERE for complete details.


What is Luxury Travel?

Give yourself the luxury of self-discovery with no planning necessary;

simply show up, and trust that the SwellWomen process will blow your mind.

 At every Swellwomen retreat, we prioritize:


Self Discovery in Mind

~ Journaling and conversational prompts to deepen your experience

~ A community of likeminded women that exists beyond your retreat

~ The opportunity to do something totally wild and unexpected

~ Visiting remote, exotic, vibrant parts of the world

Intentional Movement in Body

~Daily surf, yoga, hiking, wing foil adventures

~ Cultural experiences like cooking classes and locally-led tours

~Swag bags full of beautiful surf, yoga and travel goodies

To continue this learning at home, each SwellAlumni who completes a SwellWomen Retreat gains access to the SwellCollective (LINK) for FREE. The SwellCollective i an online community where you gain access to others who want to continue to share connections, conversations and experiences from their retreats.

As an alumnus you’ll also gain access to a special registration window to Swell360 (which only opens a couple times a year)! Through Swell360, women can register for daily support, guidance and tools to actively create healthier, more fulfilled lives. This is the retreat experience and wisdom, microdosed!


Where it all started: Maui

It’s never too late to learn how to surf.

Check out all of our Maui retreats here!

Women are raving for SwellWomen Retreats...

This experience was positive in every sense of the word- active, spiritual and healthy. Mahalo for introducing surfing and yoga in such a fantastic way.


This week was everything I expected and so much more. There was enough structure to keep us busy and learning, as well as planned downtime for relaxing and reflecting. The staff was patient and encouraging. The whole retreat radiates with ‘Aloha Spirit’. I’m coming back!


“My sincerest thank you for an amazing journey this week! Never (thus far) have I been this touched, inspired and content all at once! This was a week I shall never forget. I LOVE SURFING!!”


Even though this is a ‘camp’, you can take it at your own pace. There is great emotional and physical support and the sun shines, the whales sing and when the surf’s up everyone is smiling.



Explore Exotic Destinations

Like Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Indonesia...

What’s your dream destination?


Get a Taste of SwellWomen Retreat!

A Peek into a Swell Life

An inspiring short film of a Swell Woman’s personal journey. A Daughter. A Wife. A Mom. A real woman with the desire to learn how to surf, regardless of her fear of the ocean, who took some personal time to reconnect with herself. She now surfs like a goddess every day on the Island of Maui where she resides full time.

A short video narrated by Lulu Agan, Owner of SwellWomen, about the vision behind SwellWomen. SwellWomen organizes Surf, Yoga and Detox Wellness Retreats across the globe at exotic luxury beach resorts including El Salvador, Thailand, Nicaragua, Tulum Mexico, Anguilla and Sri Lanka. Join us on our next SwellWomen Adventure and Follow Your Bliss!


The Retreat Experience @ Home


Our newest offering, AnandaStudio, gives yoga lovers the opportunity to
practice SwellWomen’s unique style of yoga anywhere, anytime!

Access hours of asana, yoga nidra and meditation ~ always at your fingertips.