Follow Your Bliss

- Joseph Campbell

About SwellWomen

A short video narrated by Lulu Agan, Owner of SwellWomen, about the vision behind this top travel company.

Laurel Marshall ~ Chief Inspirer of Bliss

Laurel Marshall ~ Chief Inspirer of Bliss

An insatiable curiosity for the unknown.  An addiction to wanderlust and adventure.  A never ending quest for bliss: finding balance, mindfulness and wellness.  A passion to inspire, empower and develop others around her.  A pursuit and love for warm tropical waters and waves.   Welcome to Laurel’s inspiration and foundation for personal growth and development.  Somewhere along the way, high up in the Nepalese Himalayas, she fell hard and stumbled deep into others’ cultures, collecting over 25 years of experiences, memories and friends while living, working and surfing her way around the world, from San Diego to South Africa; Sydney to Singapore; traversing the coastlines of Central and South America.  She serves as an inspiration to others, by living her dreams, developing self and encouraging and supporting others’ personal transformation journeys around her.

A desire to get deep into mindfulness, she took a noble vow of silence high up the mountains of Japan during a Vipassana meditation immersion, completed two yoga teacher trainings and officially certified as an RYT in 2006, sharing this gift with women in a Guatemalan prison, while on an 18 month around-the-world sabbatical with her husband.  She has led transformational travel experiences for small groups of friends, as well as corporate teams & leaders throughout the Asia Pacific Region, Europe and the Americas, and inspires those around her to dream big, set intentions, cultivate growth, accelerate performance and achieve personal greatness.

After a 28 year run as a Human Resources executive, focused on coaching and developing talent, teams and leaders around the world, Laurel has discovered her calling; helping others to have breakthrough insights and achieve their vision of greatness.  She is an internationally certified leadership coach, sought after for her cross-cultural expertise, and joins our SwellTeam to lead thoughtfully curated experiences combining cross-cultural inclusivity, mindfulness, NeuroLeadership, and wellness, embracing a Blue Mind – on, in, and around the water.

Put simply, she is powered by dreams, a passion for building up others, and a whole lot of saltwater.   She brings her dynamic and nurturing style to lead our co-ed and leadership retreats.

Lulu Agan ~ Owner

Lulu Agan ~ Owner

In 2003, these were the words that inspired the launch of SwellWomen and eventually SwellCo-ed, experiential wellness retreats that combine Lulu’s blissful passions of surfing, yoga, cooking & wellness. With the art of surfing, she teaches colors outside the lines of life back home, erasing egos and unleashing the bare human spirit. “It’s like we are all kids again and everyone is on the same playground.” Lulu has spent more than a decade as a full time Private Chef and definitely knows her way around a kitchen. Her passion for top-quality, healthy food is apparent; and present in each and every bite of her farm-to-table fresh cuisine. With her deep connection to food and dedication to leading a healthy lifestyle, you can count on delectable food being a part of the your retreat experience. Lulu’s goal is to live life to the fullest by doing the things that bring her the most joy. She leads a well-balanced life-style which includes eating healthy, a daily meditation & yoga practice and soul surfing as much as possible. Lulu believes strongly in the beauty and importance of being empowered and empowering those around her. Surfing and yoga feeds her soul and she hopes to share this bliss with people all around the world!