Vibrant history, innovative culture & spectacular natural life set this Asian paradise apart from the rest of the world.


A New Frontier for Travelers

A unique experience which respects nature, celebrates privacy, and nurtures luxury in equal measure at ‘Taru Villas – Mawella’. Situated among the crystal blue and green shades of Mawella Bay, this boutique hotel has all the makings of a perfect retreat escape.



Outside of our scheduled retreat activities, you can venture beyond the estate to explore magical Sri Lanka – the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Galle, elephants-spotting at the national game reserves, tea tasting at the highland plantations or simply settle in for quality time to reconnect.


Fun Waves for All Levels

Our beautiful villa is just minutes away from consistent break during the season.  Get ready to surf clean, azure blue, peeling waves suitable for all-levels.


Yoga & Wellness

Yoga and Massage will be two key elements for your retreat experience.  Our daily yoga classes focus on opening and strengthening the muscle groups used for surfing & restoring the body after a day on the water.  We include daily meditation, journal work and transformative exercises.  Next, get ready to be pampered with your in-house massage.


Calendar & Registration

Dates Details Availability
September 18 - 24, 2022 Rote Island Surf & Yoga Retreat (open to men & women) Open
“My sincerest thank you for an amazing journey this week! Never (thus far) have I been this touched, inspired and content all at once! This was a week I shall never forget. I LOVE SURFING!!”


This week was everything I expected and so much more. There was enough structure to keep us busy and learning, as well as planned downtime for relaxing and reflecting. The staff was patient and encouraging. The whole retreat radiates with ‘Aloha Spirit’. I’m coming back!


I have now experienced what it is like to enjoy life and be at peace. Thank you for opening my eyes to this new world.