Read any review of our women’s surf retreats, and you’ll see tales recounting the thrill of catching a wave, of bonding with new like-minded friends, of laughing and encouragement in the water, of the gorgeous food and luxurious resorts, and of generally “feeling great.” All true! And all part of the bliss we strive so hard to deliver to our guests. But why should the girls have all the fun? Why not Co-Ed?
Many of our guests commented that they would love to share the Swell experience with their spouse or partner (and some of our single gals chimed in that they wouldn’t mind meeting like-minded men on a surf trip), so this year we’ve launched two SwellCo-ed surf retreats.  One in Nicaragua and the other on Maui!

So, maybe you’re wondering if a co-ed surf retreat is right for you? Let’s talk this through:

Do you have a spouse or partner with whom you’d like to share the experience of learning to surf? If yes, a SwellCo-ed is a no brainer! Maybe you’ve been with your man for a while and are looking to reconnect and reinvest in your relationship? Maybe you’re still in the throes of young love and looking for an adventure? Or maybe you and your man just need a break from the web of responsibilities we call daily life? An all-inclusive week of surf camp in paradise allows plenty of opportunity for relationship growth—in the waves, around the dinner table, or lazing under the palms in a hammock— that just can’t be accomplished at home. As a bonus, you’ll be reliving those shared moments for years to come. Promise.

co-ed surfingin HawaiiNo one special in your life right now? All the more reason! In the age of tinder and online dating, what better way to meet like-minded people than to ditch the iPhone for a week and actually talk to other people? As a surfer, I’ve met some of my best friends out in the water—amazing people from all over the globe, men and women alike. In fact, the founder of SwellWomen met her husband on a surfboard! Just by virtue of that fact that you’ve booked the same trip guarantees that you’ll have some things in common—adventure, surfing, and travel—not a bad place to start. One of my favorite things about our surf camps are the incredible stories shared after a day in the surf. Strangers just a few days before, guests are encouraging each other, reliving great waves and epic wipeouts, and trading stories about their lives and travels.

In the extremely unlikely event that you don’t meet anyone of particular interest, let’s keep things in perspective. You’ll be in paradise, learning to surf, practicing yoga every day, feasting on fresh food, and doing something glorious for yourself. You’ll head home stronger, healthier and (oh yeah) a genuine surfer! But in all the years running surf camps, we’ve never had a group that didn’t make fast—and lasting— friends.


Surfing vacations for couples and friendsThe Details:

One NEW SwellCo-ed location in Nicaragua (April 23-30), and the original SwellCo-ed Maui (August 14-20). All of the camps are open to solo travelers, couples. Our Central America surf retreats are all-inclusive—we take care of every detail so you can relax and enjoy. Each location is a little different, so please head on over to our website for complete details.